Who has aaron sorkin dating

But the Oscar and Emmy winner was reportedly seen with his lady Love at her hotel in Hollywood!

A source also claimed that there is a romantic involvement blossoming between them, saying: Hmm. Sorkin has dated Kristin Chenoweth, Kristin Davis, and ballet dancer Jacquelyn Reyes in the past, we’re not so sure Courtney is exactly his type. But if these two WERE in fact an item, it wouldn’t be the oddest couple we’ve ever seen!

“It’s that I have no taste.”So naturally Sorkin sought help when handed an uninspiring blank slate of an office on the lot of Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, where he directs the production and writing team for his latest hit, HBO’s *The Newsroom,*starting its second season on July 14.

Looking to smarten the place up and add a little flair, he called in Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the high-octane interior decorator to the stars, TV personality, and Tinseltown boulevardier with taste and style to spare.

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Bullard knows Sorkin well, having previously worked on two of his homes as well as his office at Warner Bros.

“Aaron loves that 1940s writer’s atelier vibe, so I designed the space as a cross between a classic Hollywood creative office and the executive suite of a studio powerhouse,” the decorator explains.

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