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(Oh, and Plan G was Melvin Upton Jr., who got hit by a pitch and tore thumb ligaments before he could get beyond minor league camp games.) That would make Leonys Martin … He’s left-handed, which would make him a poor complement for Denard Span, and he doesn’t hit much, but he’s a good defensive center fielder. But with Span’s sprained shoulder coming around, Martin probably wouldn’t be a fit to acquire via trade or waiver claim.I’m sure they would take a free Leonys if they could stash him at Triple-A. Even after watching Belt hit for a half-decade now, he still fascinates me.Overall, however, Jews are certainly not as overrepresented in the top tier of athletics as they are in so many other prominent fields of endeavor.This fact alone makes top Jewish athletes "prized" among many American Jews.Strangely, Fraser slipped the engagement news into one of her blog posts – she writes about food: “After a fridge loading Costco Trip it was time to feed the boyfriend–fiance (I’m still not used to that) something ‘new’ …” Then Busted Coverage stumbled upon it, and now the passage appears to be removed.

When players want to win a job, they don’t tend to go where there are more bodies in the competition.Jewish Diaspora athletes are the equivalent of the tough Israeli soldier so heralded in the Jewish press.An athlete is a far cry from the stereotypical bookworm "ghetto Jew" who got by on his wits rather than taking on the world of anti-Semites with his fists.Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander's relationship with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton became public back in October, while San Francisco Giants pitcher and World Series champion Barry Zito is married to Amber Seyer, a model and former beauty queen.Ryan Braun, the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder, is engaged to model Larisa Fraser.

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