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When choosing a fitness credential, it is important to look beyond the credential itself.

It is equally important to ask yourself, how can the organization that I choose to certify myself by: 1. What resources do they provide for their certified members. What continuing education opportunities does the organization provide for their certified professionals Madeline, both ACE and ACSM excel in assisting their members grow professionally.

Questions like these seem very simple and direct to the point.

However, I am about to attend college and realized that there are not a lot of PTs in the area.

I was thinking maybe I could get a few jobs and just get experience with that (I'm not going to cheat people out of their money- I'd be cheap and make it clear I was new! I really would like a program with more of an emphasis on nutrition.

Personal Training Personal Trainer Personal Training: Skills/Techniques American Council on Exercise (ACE)American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)Certifications Advanced certifications/programs Nutrition Nutrition Program Fitness Women's Fitness I am thinking about becoming a PT for the first time.

I am just 18 years old and mostly planning on doing this for my own personal knowledge and benefit.

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